Welcome to Musanicals.com! 

 Musanicals are metal sculptures created with redeemed
musical instruments and mechanical parts.

Musical +  Mechanical = Musanical

Musanical:  Train on Time


Combining Musical and Mechanical components create Musanicals.

Combining Space Fiction and Mechanicals become Cosmicanicals.

Combining Flowers and Mechanicals create Floranicals.

Mechanical sculptural metaphors with redeemed parts are

Musanical, Cosmicanical, and Floranical art parodies.

The appearance of function become the function!

 Contact: musanicals@gmail.com

 More at our Flicker Gallery!

*No working musical instrument was harmed in any Musanical construction! 
Musanicals are constructed of non-functional instrument pieces and parts that are
 just crafted to look functional in their new sculptural role.

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